Our Story

C&H Hawaiian Grill was a long time passion project founded by Hensan and Cora Timo. This duo has spent their lifetimes believing that their calling is to share the food they love to make with their friends, family, and community. This grand adventure began when their two sons proudly enlisted to serve in the United States Army and were assigned to Fort Hood. Knowing that family is the most important thing in life, Hensan and Cora packed up and made the trek from their previous home in Portland, Oregon to Killeen, Texas.

Making their long time dreams come true, the Timo family opened the first location of C&H Hawaiian Grill in 2004 and a second location on their 10-year anniversary in 2014. The Timo family wanted to share the "Aloha" spirit with their community so their sons could always feel at home when they returned from their service abroad. Combining the essence of vibrant Hawaiian experience with a laid back atmosphere, the Timo family invites all of their guests to partake in a hearty share of island BBQ and feel like a part of the family!

Our Food

We have a strong sense of pride for our origins and pride for how far we've come. We combine the wisdom we've gained from where we've been and use it to forge the path to where we'll go next. We're passionate about our culture and we want to share it with the world in a way that makes them feel welcomed and safe while they join us for an adventure. We strive to foster an environment where you can feel cared for and relaxed but also find happiness and excitement. Overall, our core belief is that the only things you need in life are a full stomach and a full heart, with those two things, how could you ever go wrong?